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Our Packages

We have affordable packages, structured to your company’s individual needs and budget. RKH Accounting has an all-inclusive monthly fee policy, regulated by Service level agreements, which covers all services that will be offered to you as a client. You will always know what you get.

Fees might differ for each client, as we acknowledge that each company has individual needs.

Contact us for a detailed quotation that is tailored to your individual business needs.


Typical Services included in our comprehensive packages

Monthly Bookkeeping Services, from data capturing to internal auditing.
VAT calculation and submission.
Payroll services and employer reconciliation.
Annual Financial statements.
Taxation for the company and its directors.

Workmens compensation submissions and letter of good standing

Tax clearance Certificate

BEE Certificate for Exempted companies
Annual return submissions to CIPC.


Please note that fees are based on a 12 month cycle and should you join mid cycle, you will be subject to a "catch up fee" for prior months as well as a additional fee for annual services for the first year.  Fees can be payed once off or as per agreement.

Value added Services

Monthly management reporting and analysis.

Valuable advice relating to your cash flow and budgeting.

Valuable management consulting for your business, to help your business grow and increase profits.

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Registration Fees

registration fees

Company Registration Excluding name reservation  R      570.00
Company Registration including name, share certificates and income tax registration  R      855.00
Company Registration including name, share certificates, income tax registration, BBEE certificate, and tax clearance certificate add bank account for R285  R   1,140.00
VAT Registration  R   3,078.00
PAYE & UIF with SARS Registration  R      855.00
UIF Labour department Registration  R     1,500.00
Workmen’s Compensation Registration including letter of good standing  R   1,995.00
Income Taxation Registration  R      855.00
Directors changes  R      855.00
Name Reservation and Name change  R      1,026.00


Assistance in registrations for different tax types can be addressed by yourself at any SARS branch. We have a sound knowledge of forms and procedures that is implemented at SARS, and can therefore assist in these matters, saving you the time of sitting in long lines for hours, just to be sent away without assistance. 

Registrations forms are available from the respective websites. Certain registrations are done free of charge when registered by individuals and companies directly with controlling authorities, our fees are related to the completion of forms, submissions on your behalf, follow up on these matters, and your comfort.  In some cases the the fees for submission of forms with authorities are included in our fees.

Request to Register a Company

Please complete the form below to register a company, documents will be downloaded once you have submitted the form. Please complete the documents. The signatures of all directors and shareholders will be needed. Only complete the last 3 pages if more than one shareholder or director.  Please scan and email documents to us together with certified copies of all directors and shareholders identity documents.